bad end combo

arakita with a nosebleed for ywpd_69min

I love your genderbend of Noiz, it's probably the best I've ever seen *o* good job bae <3 +follow'ed

wow thank you!!! i’m glad you like it! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

throws in a last minute texture and prays 

this was supposed to be a submission for dmmd 69min but i had to erase koujaku because he looked like crap i’m sorry


i’m opening 5€ portrait commissions! contact me through ask or email ( if you’re interested(and please spread the word!)

i don’t like how my drawings are turning out lately ´_`

Hi! Are you the one who made the N+C character sorter? I just wanted to let you know that most of the fandom refers to "Jujutsushi" (In Lamento) as "Bojyo" as that is the name presented in I think the One Coin Figures.

ahhh i see, thank you for letting me know i’ll change it right away!

i’m a pro at drawing stuff at 3am when no one will see